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When It Counts

Posted: 25th January 2012 by Duality in warm fuzzies, What's Happening

In the last post I talked about fatigue and just needing sleep.  Shortly after that post I just completely ran out of steam.  I was exhausted, in pain, feeling sick,  and my spirit was lagging badly.  I knew Grace was going to be up for a bit and all I wanted was a dark place [...]

Wouldn’t Have Guessed That One

Posted: 27th October 2011 by Duality in warm fuzzies

Grace and I had just finished watching a TV show and she was starting to get up out of bed to go to her computer.  I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her into a very nice kiss.  I decided to end with cuteness rather then escalation as my right hip has been particularly [...]

First Encounter

Posted: 8th September 2011 by Duality in History, warm fuzzies

The first time Grace and I met face to face was almost a total fiasco.  I was to pick her up at the airport one morning after I got off of work after she had taken a red eye across most of the country.  To say things went badly for me at work that night [...]

6 years

Posted: 30th August 2011 by Duality in History, warm fuzzies

Grace first came to visit me when I lived in Tennessee in February of 2005.  She stayed a couple of weeks and needless to say we hit it off rather well.  She came again at the end of July of that year and was to stay until August 31st.  I lived in Sevierville, Tennessee at [...]

Note on Grace’s reward

Posted: 24th August 2011 by Duality in History, warm fuzzies

In Grace’s post today she refers to me giving her a “Get out of trouble free” card.  I figure I should briefly cover that.

The warm and fuzzy post

Posted: 18th August 2011 by Duality in Pain, warm fuzzies

I realize that just reading a few entries paints a rather dark picture of myself.  It would be easy to deduce that my life is either about having or giving pain.  Or maybe about the fear of having too much anger and frustration running through me.  Its not always like that.