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Faith Rewarded

Posted: 23rd January 2012 by Duality in History

I’ve mentioned a couple of times a sort of dark period for Grace and I.  I’m still not going to go into the events that brought about the end of it and caused the current golden age that we are both now enjoy, but I figured I would talk about how I coped with the [...]


Posted: 21st November 2011 by Duality in History

An actual post.  Look out.  RogueBambi wrote in her blog the other day about the troubles she’s been having with conceiving a child.  I wrote out a response to her and figured I’d flesh out the thoughts a bit more here, if for no other reason then to have something other then a status update. [...]

Stupid Orthodontist

Posted: 30th October 2011 by Duality in History

I had braces when I was a teenager.  I don’t have any clumsy tales of braces to share, honestly I only wore them for about a year and the time went by fairly uneventfully.  That is, until I went to get the braces off.  I sat down in the chair as he grabbed a glorified [...]


Posted: 26th October 2011 by Duality in History

Grace decided to mention that I have not had good luck with redheads and I suppose that should be explained.  I’ve dated three redheads.  The first turned out to be mildly creepy.  Just so mannerisms like putting a diaper on a dog and treating it like a baby.  Needless to say we stopped dating at [...]

No Win Scenarios

Posted: 14th October 2011 by Duality in Dynamics, History

A year ago, Grace did something that was a breach of trust.  I won’t say what only to say it wasn’t adultery just so that base is covered.  There came a point very early in the healing process where I could not let go of my anger.  I knew I had to, I knew it [...]

Nostradamus I’m Not

Posted: 6th October 2011 by Duality in Dynamics, History

Planning for the future is a hard process for me.  Its not that I can’t plan things out, I mean I’m a Dom after all…planning stuff out is what I do, its more that I can’t look very far into the future.  Understand that I’m not talking about fearing the future and just not wanting [...]

Just Smile And Wave

Posted: 30th September 2011 by Duality in Filler, History

My grandfather was an interesting man.  Quiet but with a boisterous sense of humor.  Stubborn, but soft hearted.  And the man could cuss.  He probably said “Shit” more then he said “The” to be honest.  I once tried to keep up with how many times in a day he cussed.  I had filled a small [...]

Summer Rain

Posted: 22nd September 2011 by Duality in Dynamics, History

In the weeks leading up to Grace’s second visit to me in Tennessee, our phone sex sessions centered more and more about the things I would do to her once she arrived.  She was flying in at the end of July and we would celebrate our first birthday spectacular together.  See, her birthday is August [...]


Posted: 21st September 2011 by Duality in History

I have lived through some awkward moments in my life.  I once had to tell my mom, while she was eating a bowl of cereal, that I thought my girlfriend was pregnant.  Looking back on it now is comical.  She literally stopped eating with the spoon halfway from the bowl to her mouth and her [...]

The Autumn Wind Is A Pirate

Posted: 15th September 2011 by Duality in History, Pain

The title is from a poem that Steve Sabol wrote for NFL films.  When read by the late, great John Facenda it was pure magic.  Its this time of year that makes me think of the poem, and for what I’ve lost along the way.  I used to love playing football.  Loved it.  I was [...]