About Me

By Duality

Age:  38

Sex: Male

Relationship: Married (since 2006)

Roles:  Dom and/or Daddy

Kinks: Spanking, Ageplay, and D/s

This blog is for my own personal use. Please do not use any of my content without credit (including a link to this blog). This content is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. If it is illegal (for any reason) for you to view topics of a sexual nature, please leave.

I do not condone abuse of any sort. I believe strongly in the creed of “Safe, Sane and Consensual” that pervades the BDSM community. If you do not adhere to this, please seek help immediately. If any of my entries seem to encourage this behavior, you should learn the difference between fantasy and reality.

All images are believed to be in the public domain or under fair use. If this is not the case with any image on this blog and you would like credit or removal, please let me know.

Questions are welcomed.  Judgments on what I do or how I live my life are not.  As always, thanks for reading.