Posted: 10th March 2012 by Duality in Dynamics, Scenes

So I went to my first Munch Thursday night.  Grace already wrote about it and she did so mistakenly thinking that me typing away on my keyboard meant I was writing up my thoughts on it.  I wanted a little time to process things and me sitting in a chair for a few hours added with some high winds put me into the red on my pain threshold so I wanted that to calm down a little before I wrote about it.  So… what did I think?

To be honest, it played out about as I thought.  People were friendly, the food was good, and the topics of discussion were interesting.  They mainly centered around a possible play party for our specific area in the not too distant future.  Something we didn’t really think was possible, but someone seems to have found a location.  A lot of the conversation centered on how to prepare for it and the logistics involved in setting things up.  I found it somewhat amusing that most of the talk mirrored the talk of different sci-fi and gaming conventions that I had been a part of in my younger years.  A little security, a little set up, some hospitality, and making sure that whoever volunteered for various jobs were given time to enjoy the festivities so everything was set up on schedules.  Or will be once they know more.  Though I have to say the kink community, as drama filled as it can be, was very tame on that specific area in comparison to the geeky crowd.  Hmm, I suppose I should reserve judgement on that until jobs get actually assigned.  Heh.  Anyway, the timing of the event makes it fairly unlikely that I would go to it.  I’m still in medical limbo so planning the next couple of months is difficult at best.

This morning I did have some very enjoyable sex with Gracie.  And I had a lot of fun with it.  She finally got to suck my cock and she did so with gusto.  I basically had her fingering herself to orgasm while she sucked my cock, one of the more enjoyable for me exercises I have her do as her groans and moans feel ever so good on my dick.  But she hit a point where she felt she couldn’t reach orgasm anymore with things the way they were.  Not a problem, I said.  I start to roll her onto her back and all the while she’s saying, “No, want cock.  Want to suck your cock”.  Well, she said that right up until the point where I buried my cock into her.  At which point I began the teasing.

“Still want to suck my cock?” (She shakes her head) “I can stop you know.  Just pull out and…”

“No.  Please fuck me.  Please please please.”

So I do.  But I tell her not to cum.  When she’s close, I stop and pull all the way out so that only my tip is left in.

Grace- No!  Please please please.

Me- Please what?

Grace- Please fuck me.

So I do.  Until she’s clawing at the bed and I stop again.  We pretty much repeat this for awhile, bringing her close…stopping… and then going again,  until I don’t stop when I see her right at the verge.

Grace- Please please please.

Me- Please what?  I’m already fucking you.

Grace- Please let me cum.

Me- Hmm. *pause*  Cum.

And she did.  A nice big powerful one that milked the ever living Hell out of my cock.  Shortly there after I started feeling the nice tingling sensation that means that I could cum soon if I wanted to.  Not wanting to screw up a chance at it, I decided to stop the teasing and just started pounding her hard.  And when I came, I put my lips in her ear and told her to cum with me.  And then we laid like that for awhile with me on top of her and her wrapping her legs and arms around me holding me close.

Its nice to start to get this sort of activity back to somewhat normal.  Its been one thing or another with both of us that seemed to be short circuiting our sex sessions of late.  Operations, illnesses, her anxiety, and my pain issues all one after another screwing things up.  I’m hopeful with us on the trail as to what is screwing up my sleep and further operations for me in the future that my end will get to the point where sitting for two hours doesn’t fuck me up for three days afterwards.  That would be nice is all I’m saying.  And I’m just as hopeful that Grace and I can finally start doing more bdsm stuff.  That would be even nicer.