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As Grace points out in her blog,  Saturday was a good day.  The day started with some amazing sex and ended with some amazing sex.  But apparently something I said was deemed “unsexy”.  So as she decided not to add anything but a poll, I figured I’d actually tell you what happened.  Grace came to bed to help me scratch an itch I had had since that morning.  See, while the morning sex was hot and fulfilling on multiple levels, I didn’t get to cum.  That’s the problem sometimes with wake up sex for me, I haven’t taken anything to help with all the aches and pains that come with sleeping and too many of those type issues make it all but impossible for me to cum.  But Dear Lord did I fuck Grace like crazy.  I suppose that sometimes that’s the nice thing about morning sex for Grace, because I can just fuck her until she begs me to stop.  I actually could have fucked her more that morning, but misread her a little and thought she had had enough.  Ah well.  But I’m off topic.  Back to the drawer’s incident…

So Grace comes to bed and I ask her if she wants a spanking.  She shyly and playfully nods.  I ask her if she wants to suck my cock while I give her a spanking.  She shyly and playfully shakes her head no.  So I say, “All you want is a spanking?” and she again shyly and playfully nods her head.  In the playful spirit of the moment I say, “Well then, drop your drawers” to which she replied, “That’s possibly the most unsexy thing you could have said at that very moment”.  Let’s just say I added a little more force in my swats as part of my rebuttal.  Pun probably intended.  It was a good spanking session.  I’m learning to embrace my sadistic side more and it really showed in this session.  I was doing my thing where I spank her vigorously for a bit then stop and rub her ass and maybe scratch at the tender spots with my nails when I decided to get into her head a little.

“I can smell you, you know.  I know you are getting wet.  I bet you’re dripping, aren’t you?”

Grace buries head in pillow and gives a sort of non-answer that I can’t remember at the moment.

“I asked you a question.  Are you wet?  Are you very wet?”


Grace mumbles an answer.

“Lets see how wet you are.”

I spread her legs and run my finger up and down her slit.  She is, as I knew she would be, very wet.  So I start to tease her with my finger.  She tries to close her legs at one point but a quick swat of my hand fixes that issue.  I start to work on her clit a bit, then go back to just circling her slit.  Slowly building things.  I give her a stern warning not to cum without my permission and go back to the teasing.  Eventually I just concentrate on her clit.  I rub and stop.  Rub and stop.  Rub and stop.  She’s humping my hand by now and giving little desperate whimpers.  Eventually she starts to beg me to let her cum.  Pleading with me.  And when I hear just the right level of desperation in her voice, just that little squeak in her tone that means she won’t be able to stop herself if I go a moment longer, I stop and go back to spanking her.  God how I love those moments.  I wasn’t done with her.  Not yet.  And I didn’t want her to cum until I was done with her.

And now I’m spanking even harder then before.  Once again I build up the swats until my arm is tired and her will is close to breaking and stop.  I softly touch her ass and tell her not yet.  No, not yet.  I’m still not done.  Close now.  Soon.  But not yet.  And I dig my nails into her tender flesh, something I do a lot when I am ready for her to cum in these sessions, but I don’t give the command.  She’s getting more and more desperate to cum.  She groans in frustration.  But, like I said, I’m not done with her.

Once the strength is back in my arm I start the swatting again.  I’m thankful that I’m using the back scratcher on this one because my hand would be raw at this point if I wasn’t.  I like making her move her legs.  I don’t thinks she knew that until just now though.  Maybe I’ve told her before but if I have, I’ve forgotten.  But I do love to make her lose enough control to move her legs like a child does when they get spanked.  Just that loss of control to the pain.  That’s what my aim is in these sessions.  I want her to lose control.  I want to take it from her.  I want her to be unable even to think about what could be coming next.  I just want her reacting to what I’m doing and not giving her the option to make me react.  So I spank her, hard.  And when I see her feet start to pedal just a little bit.  Just kind of kicking the bed using really only her ankles, I abruptly stop spanking, dig my nails into her ass, and simply say, “Cum”.

Its always fun watching the results.  Depending on the amount of build up I give her, her reaction to the command can be just a quick stiffening to downright spasms.  I’ll describe this one though.  There’s an intake of air through her teeth, she raises her head up off the pillow and arches her back.  She curled up a little and tensed up.  There’s a beat or two of nothing now.  Not long.  You’d barely notice it at all if you were watching, but I can see it.  Then it just washes over her whole body.  She extends back out so that she’s back in the position I put her in to begin with and shakes.  When she finally exhales its in the form of a long moan.  She’ll tremble for a bit after that as the aftershocks continue to hit.  If I build it up enough, the aftershocks can last quite a while.  I built this one up just right so she’s still trembling when I finally say, “So are you just going to lay there or are you going to suck my cock?”.

What follows is me learning that I don’t want her to suck my cock when she’s got a piece of peppermint candy in her mouth (it dried out and made an incredibly sensitive mess of the tip of my cock), her declining the golden opportunity to swallow my cum, and me deciding to put my cum inside her another way since she didn’t want to swallow.  And all the while reminding her that the reason I was doing that was because she is my cumbucket.  A term she both hates and loves.  Mostly loves to hate.  And finally me having one Hell of an orgasm after fucking her brains out again.  I could have made her swallow me, but I had the feeling where she was at that moment it probably would be pushing her too far.  So I just switched gears.  And besides, it was more fun to fuck her some more and to feel myself pumping my cum inside of her.

Saturday was a very good day, indeed.

  1. Conina says:

    I just love weekends.

    And sex.

    And weekend sex.

    Very hot post. :)