Posted: 16th February 2012 by Duality in What's Happening

I really hate switching my medications around.  Especially the ones that either screw with mood or the ones designed to calm my nerve endings down so they aren’t firing off so damn much.  It takes awhile for the old drug to get out of my system and the new drug to fully establish itself enough to where I can get used to it.  The most recent switch is manifesting itself in two “fun” ways.  The first I’ve hit on before and that’s excessive sleep.  I’m hoping that may finally be evening out because I’m really tired of being tired all the time.  I had more energy when I was only sleeping 4 to 5 hours a night.  The second bit of fun is an inability to cum.  Yeah, nothing quite like watching your wife perform one of the most erotic things you’ve ever witnessed her doing and not being able to do anything with it.  I’ve tried just about everything to get there, especially on my own just to get that release that I need at this point and I just can’t get there.  Its especially frustrating because cumming is one of my pain management techniques.  Its a great way to shoot your body full of endorphins and the release tends to relax the muscles which gives added relief.  And I haven’t been able to do that in well over a week at this point.  My hope is as the sleep gets fixed and my constant tiredness abates this too will be fixed because it stands to reason that whatever is sapping my energy would be screwing with my libido.  At least that’s my hope.  If it keeps up, there will be another doctor visit in my future.  But for now?  Just so damn frustrating.