More on the Flogging

Posted: 14th February 2012 by Duality in Scenes

So remember when I had trouble sleeping?  Well that problem got solved.  The pendulum has swung to the other extreme now and I’m hoping I’m just catching up on sleep and adjusting to new medications because sleeping 9 to 10 hours a night plus a 3 to 5 hour “nap” during the day is getting kind of old.  But I digress.  Having awoken from my nap I have a much clearer mind to talk more about the scene from yesterday and possibly explain a few more things a tad more clearly.

First thing is first, this wasn’t a normal kind of hurty scene for Grace and I.  Pain tends to be transitional in nature for us in scenes.  You move from confrontation into pain into sex.  With the scene with Talia, there was no confrontation and there was no sex.  And where a scene between Grace and I might last an hour on the high end of things (with the rare occasion where it would go longer) this scene was simply put a marathon for 3 hours.  And the emphasis is on the marathon.  There were no sprints.  It built with intensity from soft to hard and different floggers were used for the different stages.  I can’t really stress enough how much I learned yesterday about the different types of flogger materials and what they do.  I really need to correspond a bit with Talia about the different materials and which were spongy and which were very hard to try to figure out which floggers I’m going to get first.

All along the way Talia would patiently explain why she was doing what she was doing and answer all questions.  Once I saw how she would use a flogger in a particular way, I would attempt to recreate the movement and once again Talia showed an extreme amount of patience with me as I fumbled through moving the flogger just right.  She showed where to hit, where not to hit, and why.  And she gave some good advice to those out there who are just beginning to use the flogger on the back.  Get a towel, roll it up, and put it on a sub’s neck.  You’re going to screw up and hit their neck, best to just accept that fact and protect it.  For a beginner, though, I did fairly well.  I had good control and since this was a situation where I wanted to learn as much as possible, if I ran across a technique I was having a lot of difficulty with I would get it down just enough to know how to practice with it in the future and let her move on to the next thing to learn.

This entire scene was…..different.  The sadism that Grace and I have used in the past was always a means to an end.  I’ve never actually done a scene completely in a sadistic mindset before.  Its going to take some experimentation to see how far I can go with it and how much pleasure I can derive from just punishing Grace.  The one thing that probably works in both of our favor there is its not like flogging her like we did yesterday could be something that could be done on a daily basis.  Her back is riddled with welts and hematoma type bruising.  To say she is sore is a slight understatement.  So there is a certain amount of aftercare that has to take place after such a harsh scene.  And its not just physical, these scenes will push your endurance on the emotional end as well.

But I can see a lot of uses for the flogger outside of the marathon sessions.  I can see where it can definitely spice things up a bit in bed and in the D/s relationship.  So I think I’m sold on getting the flogger first regardless as to how pretty the paddles are.  Now its just a matter of which one to get.  Its sounding like we’re going to get a duct tape flogger from a friend here shortly if not today.  She makes them and apparently gets pretty intricate with them.  Grace is currently sitting with her after she had a minor outpatient procedure today so a flogger would be her way of saying thank you for doing that for her.  Especially considering she’s spending most of Valentine’s day with her instead of me.  Which is okay, yesterday was really our Valentine’s Day.  Today is more about recuperating and reflecting.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to everybody.  Hope its a good one with lots and lots of kinky sex.