When It Counts

Posted: 25th January 2012 by Duality in warm fuzzies, What's Happening

In the last post I talked about fatigue and just needing sleep.  Shortly after that post I just completely ran out of steam.  I was exhausted, in pain, feeling sick,  and my spirit was lagging badly.  I knew Grace was going to be up for a bit and all I wanted was a dark place to crawl into a dark place and try to sleep.  So I opted for the futon in the living room.  Grace helped me get set up in there and when I asked for the blanket she refused.  She told me not until I was completely settled down.  She got me something to drink in case I needed it, fixed me an alka seltzer cold dose (that stuff is awesome by the way), and waited for me to get positioned in the futon.  Then she tucked me in.  She spread the blanket over me gently, tucked the blanket under my feet, stroked my head, and kissed my head.  There was nothing patronizing about these actions.  They were all done with love.

So at that moment I still felt sick, still felt exhausted, and still hurt… but my spirit was soaring.  I can’t really emphasize just how loved I felt at that moment.  Grace may have problems with intimacy on occasion, but not when it counts.

And then I passed out.  Ten hours later I’m up, feeling better, and in a pretty good mood.  But I’ll take it easy today just in case.  But I wouldn’t be feeling this good if it wasn’t for my Gracie.