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When It Counts

Posted: 25th January 2012 by Duality in warm fuzzies, What's Happening

In the last post I talked about fatigue and just needing sleep.  Shortly after that post I just completely ran out of steam.  I was exhausted, in pain, feeling sick,  and my spirit was lagging badly.  I knew Grace was going to be up for a bit and all I wanted was a dark place [...]

Out of Toothpicks

Posted: 25th January 2012 by Duality in Energy, What's Happening

This is going to be an analogy story, so bear with me.  When you wake up in the morning, you have “X” amount of energy.  You also have “Y” amount of energy as a reserve.  Its that energy you get when you think to yourself something like “I just have to dig a little deeper [...]