Counting to 20

Posted: 21st January 2012 by Duality in Scenes

I came into the bedroom to find Grace, naked, and sprawled out on the bed looking expectantly at me.  Well, well, well.  Somebody got motivated by my bratty post the other day.  So I decided to oblige her unsaid request.  Especially since she can have a maintenance spanking each day so long as she requests it from me.  She fought me a little as I got into bed, rolling away from me and playfully saying she had changed her mind.  A quick hair pull positioned her head where I could whisper sternly into her ear…

Me:  Who owns you?

Grace:  You do.

Me:  What can you deny me?

Grace:  Nothing.

Me:  And yet here you are denying me.  Such a bad, naughty thing.  I shall have to give you something special with this spanking.

I started out by spanking her at a fairly regular pace and with a good amount of strength behind the swings.  It didn’t take me long to have her squirming.  Just as she started to build a wall against the pain, I stopped.  I told her to roll over and present her front to me.  She did so reluctantly.  Then I positioned her hands at her sides and explained the rules.  She was to keep her hands at her sides, regardless of how badly she wanted to move them, until I told her otherwise.  If she did move them, I’d use the back scratcher as a paddle on her pussy.  THAT got her attention.  So as she mumbled things like “No no no” and “Please”, I began to very softly hit her nipples with the back scratcher.  I would increase the strength for a bit until she was well and truly squirming in the bed, then stop.  I’d suck on her nipple getting it nice and hard and sensitive.  I think I might have nibbled a little on them just for effect and to scare her into thinking I was going to bite.  I have very sharp front teeth.  And then I’d pinch them a bit to further get them hard and protruding.  Then I started smacking the hell out of that nipple with the back scratcher again.  During one assault, with her writhing in pain, I commanded her to cum.  I never stopped hitting her all through her orgasm.  Watching the mixture of please and pain on her face was exquisite.

When I had her panting and to the point of breaking on keeping her arms to the side, I switched gears.  I told her to turn back over and present her ass to me.  She tried to prop herself up on her elbows but I wasn’t having any of that.  I pushed her down onto the bed and then pushed and pulled her this way and that way so her nipples were dragging across the bedspread.  Fun.  Just pure fun.  And she whined and squirmed all through it.  But it was time to get serious again so I positioned myself by leaning against her lower back and proceeded to start spanking her ass HARD.  I wanted her to feel it.  I wanted her ass to hurt for awhile after I was done.  I needed it hurt for what I was going to do next.  Grace floated in and out of subspace as I assaulted her ass.  I could tell when she was in it because her squirming would stop and she would just lay there.  I’d try to keep the beats steady for a bit before changing pace or hitting even harder to snap her out of it and have her back where I could affect her thinking.

Eventually she was near tears and that was exactly where I needed her to be.  I stopped the spanking and commanded her to stay put.  I slipped in behind her, spread her legs, and laid down on top of her.  Her arms were still at her sides because I had told her to keep them there even after I had flipped her back over after the breast spanking.  I grabbed her wrists and started biting her ear.  I whispered into her ear to try to get away.

I think I’ve talked before about Grace’s…I guess fetish with having me lay on top of her.  She loves to feel trapped.  Just me doing that will put her into subspace.  She just sort of goes to a different place and revels in the panic of having someone hold her down like that.  After what I had already put her through, I knew I couldn’t do this particular aspect of the scene long, so I kept it short.  I ground my cock up and down her slit while making sure I was also grinding my body against the area of her ass that I just got through spanking.  And I made sure to move her up and down on the bed thus continuing to drag those nipples across the blanket.  I whispered into her ear to try to get away.  She begged for her arms to be let free so she could try and I told her that if she wanted her arms free, she would have to do it herself.  The struggle was short and I made her cum.  Cumming in that position is one of the most humiliating things Grace does.  At least in her mind.  Its the ultimate in being forced to do something you don’t want to do and, despite fighting against it with everything you have, you enjoy it.  And I know she enjoys it and I rub it in her face.  Which just gets her off on the entire scene that much more.

At this point, its time for me to get my pleasure, but I understand the state of mind she is in.  She’s been riding the anxiety and panic for a good 30 minutes by now and is a bit on the crispy side emotionally.  Understand that this is what she wants.  She will occasionally ask me to lay on her back, with no other foreplay just asking, just so she can get to where she is right now in the story.  So I gently pull her to me and embrace her.  I pet her hair in a comforting manner and murmur loving words to her as well as telling her how well she did.  I’ll do this for a minute or two and then we had this quick conversation:

Me (gently) :  You know what happens next, right.

Grace: Uh huh.

Me:  I’m going to count to 20 sweetie.  Okay?

Grace: Don’t count it out loud.

Me:  Okay babygirl.

This is the transitional period.  It also gives Grace the chance to safeword if the previous part of the scene has just taken too much from her.  I count to 20 very slowly in my head and all the while I’m comforting her and holding her in my arms.  Once I hit 20 I’ll look her in the eyes and kind of nod at her.  Sometimes I’ll ask if she’s read, but most of the time its nonverbal.  Its her last chance.  She almost always nods.  And then its my turn.

I grab her and drag her down the bed to my cock.  I’ll give her a few seconds once she’s there to sort of groom my cock.  Grace has long hair and it tends to get into everything.  My cock included.  So she makes sure its all clear and goes to suck my cock.  But I stop her.  I tell her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue.  She does, but as I bring my cock up to rub it against her tongue, she goes to suck it.  I pull my cock away and slap her face (another one of her fetishes btw) and tell her to do it right.  She does and I tease her with my cock for awhile.  Rubbing it on her tongue, her lips, and even slapping her face with it a few times.  Then I’ll line my cock up and shove her head down onto it and just start fucking her face.  Once she gets used to that, I’ll go deeper and hit her throat with my cock.  I love listening to her almost gargle whenever I go deep like that.  Its just a sexy sound to me.

Whenever we get to this point, the only thing Grace wants to do is suck my cock.  If I pull it way from her, she’ll be desperate to get it back.  She’ll do anything just so she can suck that cock again.  Her brain just isn’t functioning at a very high level.  I’ll get stuff like “Want cock” or “Noooo!  Suck!”.  Its fun to tease her when she gets like that.  Her whole being becomes trying to get me off and she takes great pleasure in doing that task.  If I let her cum as often as she likes (which when she’s sucking me is often because I love the feel of her moaning on my cock) its not unusual for her to cum 4 or 5 times.

On this day though, the weather and the work I’ve done around the house conspire against me.  I just don’t have the focus necessary for her to get me off in that way.  So we switched gears, went into some Daddy time, and I showed her a video of a couple roleplaying out the Daddy game so that Grace could get some ideas on how to talk to me during sex.  Its always hard for her to come up with things to say while being so involved in sex, so this was a good “educational” film.  We took turns stroking my cock and eventually I was able to get off…which I really, really needed.  Let me tell you, when you are in pain getting any kind of a release from your body helps.  Tension just makes things worse so a really good orgasm followed by that period where you just revel in the feel and relax?  Perfect.  Cumming either via Grace or by myself is one of my pain management techniques.

Anyway, there’s a scene for you that happened the other day and the mechanics and thoughts that went into it.  You know, writing what I’m supposed to be writing about in this journal.  heh.