Marriage and the Global World

Posted: 14th January 2012 by Duality in Uncategorized

Today is more of an editorial then anything else.  Been a grumpy kind of day for a variety of reasons (pain, Saints lost, lack of sleep), but I wanted to get something up.  I’ve been tossing this particular post around for a bit so I may as well throw it out there.

Grace and I met over the internet.  Had the internet never been created (thank you Al Gore) then we would have never met.  We lived 3 time zones away from one another so the accidental bumping into one another at the store was a bit of a long shot.  The whole process made me reevaluate the whole “destruction of marriage” argument that has been bandied about for the past decade or so.  It was always hard to argue against the stat that over half of marriages end in divorce.  How could you argue against it?  But I am.  I think its time to call it for what it really is.  A marriage correction.

Up until the 1950s, the available pool of people you had to choose from to marry was limited to probably three towns or so.  Nobody really traveled all that much.  And compared to now, the choices of what interested you was also pretty limited so the diversity of candidates was all but homogenized.  The first domino fell with television, which opened up a whole new world outside your limited living confines.  The second was cheap, available travel which opened up a business class that became more and more mobile.  As telecommunications grew, the workforce became even more mobile then ever.  Suddenly the static hometowns became more and more infiltrated with diverse new people.  And as diversity poured in, the limited interests you and your spouse once shared began to grow even smaller.  Its not that people didn’t care for the sanctity of marriage when they divorced.  Its the fact that when they first got married they had no idea who they would become and what options in mates would filter into their dating range.  The final domino was the internet.  The old boundaries of where you could find a potential mate simply dissolved.  You now literally find someone anywhere on earth, connect with them, fall in love, and move to a place where you both can live.

Anyway, that’s really all my point is.  The world change and marriage is adapting to it.  I think once we get more used to a world with very few boundaries the divorce rate will start to correct back some.  It won’t ever be at the Catholic level of one marriage, stick it out, and no other solution level again.  But I think the institution will carry on just fine.  After all, marriage is about love.  And sometimes you get married not understanding what it is love is all about.  I know I did.  I’m just happy I live in a time and place where I could meet the woman who is my soul mate.  And I’m truly blessed to be able to live the rest of my life with her.