What To Get?

Posted: 12th January 2012 by Duality in What's Happening

So I’ve decided to start expanding our toy collection this year and I’m trying to decide what to get first.  The choices I’m looking at are a flogger, a cane or some other thin type item, or a handcrafted paddle.  We know someone who does the paddles in town and can make them to order, though they can get pricey.  The paddle holds that allure of being unique, but the flogger just looks like so much damn fun.  I’ll probably pass on the cane type instrument for now.  I’m not sure which way I’ll go between the flogger and the paddle.  I may have to explore what kind of paddle we can get first.  It might be one of those where while I figure out the specific design for the paddle I can get the flogger to hold me over.

Beyond the fun of trying to figure that one out, things continue sort of stop and go-ish.  There’s still a lot of adjusting to do and some nerves to get past, probably for the both of us.  Grace isn’t the type I can just grab by the throat and make her bend to my will.  Well, not every time at least.   The change in dynamic has caused her anxiety to explode so I’m doing everything in my power to show her that things aren’t that different then normal when it comes to making sure she is in a healthy and beneficial place.  She is, after all, continuing to expand in her life and break away from her old self that was weighed down by so many family issues and become the person she wants to be.  I can understand the fear of having the freedom to be whoever you want to be while simultaneously giving yourself over to be controlled by someone else even when that is what you want to have happen with your life.  So we’re adjusting.

I have to say I like the sexual tension that always seems to be present, though.  Its nice to have that charge there even if I want to let it simmer for awhile.  If anything, that’s been the big improvement our new dynamic has brought to us.  I can’t wait for her to get more comfortable in her skin.  Oh the things I shall do to her.  You can insert the evil grin and the hands rubbing together like a Bond villain here if you like.  Because I’m totally doing that inside my head.

  1. Conina says:

    Make a flogger! Make lots!

    I love the floggers I made. Yum.

    If not, then yeah… buy the flogger. :)

  2. Vanille says:

    Floggers look fun as hell!

  3. Gracie says:

    Thank you both!! I am cringing at the thought of a cane. The paddles are SUPER pretty, though.