Keep Your Hands Right There

Posted: 28th December 2011 by Duality in Scenes

So I’m slowly recovering from the Christmas marathon of cooking and socializing.  Still a bit tired, but I’m getting better.  Better enough, in fact, to have a little fun with Gracie.  I decided I was going to spank her and play with her a bit.  So I had her strip and then go to the head of the bed in a kneeling position and telling her to put her hands on the wall and keep them there.  Once she was in position I grabbed her hair, snapped her head back, and told her no matter what she was to keep her hands on the wall.  I didn’t care how bad it got, she wouldn’t like the punishment if her hands left that wall.  And then I started.  There was no slowly building up to this.  I went at it hard and fast with the back scratcher and then my hand making her squirm and sway.  She couldn’t build up a wall against the pain either due to having to concentrate so much on keeping her hands on the wall, which was kind of the point of me putting her in that spot to begin with.  She has gotten a wee bit too good at blocking pain when I leave her in one comfortable position, so I took her out of her comfort zone.

I made her cum a couple of times just spanking her ass before I decided to really have some fun.  I had her spread her legs and I began to finger her.  I teased first with slow, circular motions just tracing her lips before once again just focusing on putting her in a place where it was all she could do to keep her hands on the wall.  When she would start to get into any kind of rhythm, I would pinch her clit and throw her off her game.  I had a blast just playing with her like that.  Eventually I decided to give her poor legs a rest and pulled her down to my cock for some serious throat fucking to finish the scene off.

It was just…nice.  It felt right.  Anyway, that’s it for now.  I should have something nice to post about in a day or two but wanted to get this one up before it faded too heavily into the lost recesses of my brain.