No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Posted: 10th December 2011 by Duality in What's Happening

I’ve hit a point in my healing process where I’m healthy enough to hurt myself when I sleep.  Which is to say, I can now sleep on my right side, but not for very long.  Unfortunately the pain doesn’t immediately trigger me to move, so I end up sleeping on my right hip longer then I should.  Which aggravates it.  Which screws my sleep because when I do wake up it tends to be difficult to get back to sleep.  When I can get to sleep because even falling asleep has become difficult of late.  Meh.  So not a lot going on in my world of late because of this.  I did do a grocery store trip and that was fun-ish.  Tired myself out, but was good to get out and the hip came through it great.  But other then that, not a lot to write about.  Just haven’t had the focus to do much of anything.  But wanted to write something so I didn’t go too long between posts.  Even if its just an update post of sorts.