Squirm For Me

Posted: 5th December 2011 by Duality in Dynamics, Scenes

There is kind of a game that Grace and I play.  We sometimes refer to it as a dance.  It usually starts with a look she will give me after a comment.  Its a look that screams defiance.  I love that look.  Love it.  It signals that the dance has begun.  The banter between she and I can last awhile, depending upon how much foreplay I want before escalating things.  Sometimes I’ll make her wait for hours, deflecting her comments away and just letting things build.  As much as she’s trying hard to get me to react to her, the fact is I don’t react until I’m ready to.  Because that is the essence of the dance.

See, what’s going on is a test of control.  Our dynamic works best when I’m in control and I have her off balance.  So that’s where I try to keep her, at least when it comes to these types of contests.  We do things when I want to, not when she wants to.  Even when she initiates things they happen at my pace or not at all.  Though nothing sexual has happened up to this point, the sexual energy in the room just builds until it crackles.  It builds until I’m ready, and then I move.

Generally the first move is quick and sudden.  Usually this is accomplished by me grabbing her by her hair behind her head and twisting her face to meet mine.  The conversation that happens next, for the most part, goes something like this:

Me:  You really didn’t think I was going to let you get away with that, did you?

Grace: Nuh…nuh… no Sir.

Me:  You knew I was going to make you pay for it, didn’t you?

Grace:  Yes Sir.

Me:  Now, what am I to do with you?  I suppose you should be punished, shouldn’t you?

Grace:  Yes Sir.

Me:  But you are a pain slut who loves for me to punish you, aren’t you?

Grace is quiet and tries to turn away from me.  I yank her head back up to face me again.

Me:  I asked you a question, slut.  Answer it.

Grace:  Yes sir.

Me:  Good girl.  Strip and lay across the bed.  Now.

It doesn’t sound like much, but all of that sets the mood of what is to follow.  I can tell by her voice on the answers she gives me roughly what she is looking for here and, perhaps most importantly, what her limits probably are.  It also puts her in a very submissive headspace to start things off and puts me in a very Dominant frame of mind.  Its not unusual for me to be quite hard by the time our little talk is done.  Its all framed around power.  I have it, she doesn’t.  And we both like it that way.

The rest is your typical spanking session.  Well, there are obviously variations but I’m trying to be non-specific here.  But they do all have one thing in common.  If the spanking session is led into by a sort of dance between she and I, I always will make her squirm during the spanking.  Always.  Sometimes I’ll do it with words, humiliating her with how much she gets off on being punished.  Other times I’ll just spank her until she starts squirming on the bed, unable to stay still any longer.  Its a little like pulling strings on a puppet at that point.  I know how to get her to move the way I want her to.  I do it to remind her of how she lost this dance.  Not that she ever really needs reminding.  And its not as if it will ever stop her from attempting it again.  She may lose, but I imagine the countless orgasms I give her during the session is a good conciliation prize to entice her to try again.