Spanking Only

Posted: 30th November 2011 by Duality in Scenes

I went back and forth on whether to write this exact post or not as I’m about to tell Gracie something that sort of reveals the wizard behind the green curtain is just some crazy old guy, but in the end decided to go ahead with it as this blog is supposed to show how my mind as her Dom works.  In the end, if letting her in on something reduces my power, well I’m probably not doing something right anyway.  True power in a D/s relationship comes from a sub knowing exactly what is coming and being helpless to prevent it.  So what the Hell, time for me to explain how Grace can go from “All I want is a spanking and nothing else” to doing just about everything else.

I have an agreement with Gracie when it comes to spankings.  Sometimes all she wants is a sort of maintenance spanking without anything else attached to it.  When she wants that she is to crawl into bed fully clothed then lower her pants and panties down to her knees.  If she’s looking for more then just a spanking, she is to crawl into bed nude.  Understand I’m talking about the occasions here where she’s more or less initiating the fun or if I’ve asked her if she wants a spanking.  Telling her she is going to be spanked is a completely different category.  A lot of times, when she asks for just a spanking, that’s what she’ll get.  Either I understand where she is or I understand where I am and its just not the time or place to push it.  And so those end with a simple, no frills spanking.

But there are other times, you see, where she says spanking only and I’m wanting more.  I know that if I push I can get what I want, but it won’t be really all that fun and tends to end badly.  The first few times this happened I just got frustrated trying to figure out what to do with that energy that I had.  Then it finally dawned on me that I could just pour it all into spanking her.  All of it.

What I tend to do, when I’m in that head space, is I’ll prop myself up on her lower back and spend a great deal of time rubbing and caressing her ass.  I take my time and might even plant a kiss or two there just to build things.  Then I start to spank her.  Slowly at first.  Sometimes I’ll start with my hand and other times I’ll start with the back scratcher.  But I almost always end up alternating between the two.  I will slowly begin to build up speed and force as I spank the tender underside of her ass cheeks.  She’ll try to create that wall to hold the pain out, but I’m patient.  I know I can wear her down and make her squirm.  Eventually the pain is too much and she starts gasping and making little “no no no” sounds.  On this specific occasion she tried to cover her ass with her feet.  I grabbed the back scratcher and whacked the underside of each foot.  That solved that issue quickly.  I watch her squirm for a bit, mainly for my own amusement, before I dig my fingernails into her red and sore flesh and command her to cum.

Now, if all I wanted to do was spank her, this is where I’d end it.  But I want more.  So I begin caressing her ass again.  I haven’t signaled to her that its over so she’s been a good girl and stayed in position.  I like to drag my finger softly over her sore flesh.  I barely touch it.  It almost always makes her squirm.  Then I’ll start alternating between spanks and teasing her with rubs.  I’ll raise my hand up and she’ll think I’m about to spank her again, but all that happens is I bring it back down into a soft rub.  I’ll tease her in this fashion for a bit before I get back to another hard spanking session.  It will mimic a lot of what I did the first time, but the blows will come faster and harder.  And I’ll make her cum, and cum, and cum.

See, the great irony of having a spanking only session is it frees me up to concentrate solely on her ass and nothing else.  The only thing that matters to me for that time period is what I can do to tease and torment her.  And when I do that, her motor will most definitely begin to run and “spanking only” becomes “spanking and more”.  Is it manipulation?  Yeah, but its the kind of manipulation that works within the boundaries.  I give her what she wants.  I just tend to give her more then she thought she was going to get.  Its not like she has told me no and I’m fingering her pussy anyway.  I gave her the spanking.  More just comes later.