Freaking Hammy

Posted: 26th November 2011 by Duality in What's Happening

Yet another update post.  Le sigh.  My hip is doing amazing.  I need very little pain medication to keep it happy and its functioning oh so very well.  Love my new hip almost as much as I love my almost 11 year old knees.  The hamstring in my right leg, however, I’m not loving very much at the moment.  Injured hamstrings are one of the most bizarre injuries to have to heal.  You might need a day of rest and you’ll be fine, or it can linger for months.  Sadly it appears I have the “linger for months” category of hamstring injuries.  I’ve been kind to it, I’ve used heat on it and some cold, and I’ve stretched it.  And its really roughly the same as it was when it first began to aggravate me.  It is amazingly frustrating to finally have a functioning right hip and not being able to use it not only as much as I’d like but as much as I should be using it to rehab it.  On the lighter side of that subject is my left hip.  On x-ray the damage to each hip looked identical, but the right hip was giving me the most trouble.  Now that the right hip is fixed, my left hip has decided its spent enough time in the right hip’s shadow and has moved to the center stage doing all the fun things my right hip used to do.


Anyway, only thing I can do is keep plugging away.  It’ll heal at some point and then I’ll have an almost completely fully functional leg for the first time since I was in like 8th grade.  Ankle is still shot, but eh., that’s what braces are for.

  1. Hermione says:

    That’s often the way with hips (and other body parts.) Fix one, and another starts demanding equal time.

    I’m glad the new hip was worth it. I knew someone who had had a hip injury as a teen, and never had it repaired, even decades later when she could scarcely walk.


  2. Duality says:

    There is still that stubborn mindset that a lot of doctors have that states that you must be a certain age before you can have a joint replaced. Kind of like you must be this tall to ride the roller-coaster. What they should do is look at the joint and ignore age. I really don’t understand the logic behind telling a 38 year old he shouldn’t have a hip replaced yet while telling a 70 year old who has the exact same damage to their hip that hip replacement is their only choice. Drives me batty. Hope your friend gets it fixed. Second best decision of my life was getting new knees and now a new hip. Love them to pieces.

    Anyway…thanks for the hugs and well wishes!