Almost home

Posted: 22nd November 2011 by Duality in What's Happening

Sorry gang, update post.  Today I got my staples out and will finally be cleared to get into the pool next week.  Thank… God.  I can rehab a helluva lot more effectively in the pool and the hot tub the gym has will do wonders for this nagging, freaking, pain in the ass hamstring.  I suddenly have a lot more empathy for football players who have those hamstring injuries that linger for months.  And once I’m back in the pool I can get back to working out and losing weight again.  That’s been the whole reason I went through this.  Doc says I can have the left hip replaced in about 3 months.  I may wait till April just for the better weather and to give my right hip all the time it needs to mend and be able to safely carry the load it will need to post-op.

Anyway, not much else to report.  Hoping to have better things to write about soon.  Very soon if I have my way.  And, you know, a good chance that happens.  Because its good to be the Dom.