Slow Return to Normal

Posted: 21st November 2011 by Duality in What's Happening

I got to play a little with Grace the other night.  Nothing exotic especially considering the ban on any… lets go with “pelvic exertions”.  It started out with a nice, soft energy with her wanting simply to touch me and rapidly developed into a situation where I was spanking her with the back scratcher while she alternated between sucking my cock and giving me a handjob.  There wasn’t anything fancy involved.  It was just a standard, meat and potatoes type of scene.  But it was that normalcy that felt so damn good.

You take things for granted before you get injured.  Little things that you do that you don’t even think about.  And not being able to do the chores around the house that I normally do is driving me nuts.  So anything that feels normal is just really nice right now.  I can finally lay on my right side again for short periods of time.  It feels like I’m laying on something and I haven’t figured out yet if that’s the replaced joint or possibly the bandaging.  Probably the joint as when I get down on my knees there is a similar feel to it.  Each day I reclaim a little more of what constitutes as normal for me.  Tomorrow I’m hoping to get out and go for a walk around the park.  That’s not really normal, but I’m hoping it becomes that way.

This weekend was not fun for me.  We had snow.  Snow screws with me worse then anything else.  No clue why, it just does.  Its even worse then wind.  And the snow REALLY screwed with the repaired hip.  That wasn’t fun.  I strongly suspect there’s a lot of inflammation going on and I can’t really take anything for it.  Best I can do is ice it down, which does help more then you’d think.  But, anyway, the snow and feeling miserable is why there hasn’t been an update before now.  I’m hopeful there will be more opportunities to play with Gracie in the coming week and maybe I’ll have something other then medical news to pass along.  One can hope.