Posted: 15th November 2011 by Duality in What's Happening

So its November.  We are very close to Thanksgiving, relatively speaking.  And, for some unknown reason, my doctor didn’t feel it necessary to warn me that while on blood thinners I can’t have any kind of cranberry product whatsoever.  What…..the…..fuck?  Stumbled upon that fact while reading the notes on the drug.  So we’ll be having Thanksgiving late.  Like middle of December late.  Possibly just saying screw it and just waiting for Christmas.  But you’d think that somebody would have told me that little fact.  Sheesh.  I’m not having my dressing without cranberries.  Ain’t happening.

For the first half of the day, I can walk like a human being again.  It felt…amazing.  I walked the length of the house with no problems.  Normal stride and all.  But then I tired out and the wind kicked up outside and suddenly I wasn’t so happy with life anymore.  I’m really susceptible to pressure changes at the moment so wind and rain really kick my ass.  And the closer I get to bed, the crankier my leg seems to get.   Just tiring out I suppose.  We have a chance of snow this weekend.  Snow is the absolute worst on me.  No clue why but man its horrible and that’s if everything is nominal.  So I’m a little nervous as to how I’ll deal with it now.  But there’s lots of days between now and the weekend and I’m progressing rapidly so maybe it won’t be that bad.

I got to take a real, honest to God shower yesterday.  That also was amazing.  So much so that Gracie asked if I wanted some alone time with the shower.  As I never know how long my leg is going to let me get away with things, I divided up the washing duty.  I got everything above the waist and she got everything below it.  Apparently my cock was very, very filthy because she spent a lot of time cleaning it.  Good to know where her mind is at any rate.  Grace continue to do amazingly well, all things considered.  Sure there are some things around the house that have fallen behind a little, but nothing too serious and she’s done everything I’ve asked of her with a positive attitude.  She tells me she just imagines how I would treat her and it helps keep her in that good mood about things.  Its a pretty big step for her because when her anxiety is high she can get grouchy.  So I’m more then a little proud of her.