TMI and more!

Posted: 12th November 2011 by Duality in What's Happening

Lets get the TMI out of the way.  I made poopy!  I know, you are all so proud.  But, honestly, after an operation that’s kind of a big milestone as the anesthesia puts your digestive system to sleep and if it doesn’t wake up you can get compacted and then nasty, nasty things happen to you.  Seeing as I have zero inclination to have an enema I’m kinda happy with having a BM.  Plus my incision healed enough that it wasn’t bad at all.  That I was pretty happy with as well.

I also found time to give Gracie a bit of a spanking tonight.  I know she has been frustrated since I have been in the hospital.  She admitted trying to watch porn and it did zero for her.  So I figured I’d jump start her libido again.  It wasn’t anything big as my stamina still isn’t up to snuff, but I was able to build it up enough to briefly put her into subspace and then made her cum as soon as I realized she was coming out of it.  She hadn’t cum since the last time I made her her which was probably last Saturday or Sunday.  Nothing for me yet, but it felt good to reestablish that part of our dynamic.

Healing continues to progress at a very nice clip.  I think I would have had a really good day if it wasn’t for the 40 mph winds and steady rain we had all day long.  That sucked and caused me to burn more pain meds then I wanted, but I weathered the storm fairly well.  Even with that going on I was able to do my exercises, do a quick walk of the house, and even walk a bit using only the cane.  So I’m pretty happy with how quickly this is progressing.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  Have a good weekend gang.