Ten Days

Posted: 28th October 2011 by Duality in What's Happening

Ten days from now, I get my hip replaced.  Due to my apparently inability to count to ten properly, I thought that benchmark was yesterday.  Normally that wouldn’t be that big of a deal, except that I have to stop taking my anti-inflammatory medicine ten days before the operation.  So I could have taken them yesterday.  And if I had, I wouldn’t be so stiff and sore today.  But, eh.  I was going to feel this regardless so in the scheme of things its not that big of a deal.  I had the pre-op appointment with the surgeon yesterday and everything seems to be a go.  We asked some questions and got some clarification on a couple of items.  Everything I’m hearing is, compared to knee replacement, hip replacement is no biggy.  They don’t even put you through physical rehabilitation.  Just get up and move as you can.  Honestly, I’m okay with that.  I have a gym membership for the sole reason that paying 90 bucks a month for Grace is cheaper then 20 bucks a pop at a physical therapist.  So leaving the rehab up to me?  That’s what I wanted anyway.  Besides, not like I haven’t relearned how to walk before.  And they aren’t going to let me leave the hospital until I have the basics of that anyway.

I’ve talked before about my problem of looking into the future and the pros and cons that go with it.  Where it comes into play here is basically that in my mind, at least for now, the operation isn’t real yet.  Oh I’ll get small glimmers of reality attached to the thoughts now and again as I plan things out and get as ready as I can for it.  But ten days away?  There’s just nothing attached to it right now.  No excitement or fear or anything.  I obviously want this done.  I’m pretty miserable right now and my ability to walk on my right hip seems to be quickly coming to a close.  At least once a day right now I’ll go to stand up and it just won’t work.  Its an odd sensation that I have trouble really putting to words.  The hip joint is just so damn deep inside of you that it throws off your sense of…touch?  Not the right word but as close as I can come.  If any other joint goes bad you can rub it and usually can get a sense as to what is going on.  Hips are just so damn deep its hard to tell.  All I know is when I go to stand up, something feels wrong and the leg simply won’t work right.  So on that level, yeah…I’m ready for ten days to be done with so I can get this over with.  But that’s about all I can really muster up in regards to looking ahead to it.

I’m rambling.  Grace seems to like it when I do that, but I understand many of you might now so I’ll try to bring this back to some semblance of a point.  No anti-inflammatory meds makes for an unfocused and grouchy Dom.  In addition, November where I live is one of the two worst months for me.  The other being December.  Cold fronts march through and we get the majority of what little rain we get per year from it.  So cold and damp on top of everything else?  Bleh.  Not sure how active I’m going to be leading up to the operation but I’ll try.  This is, by far, the best attempt I’ve ever had at keeping a journal so I want to keep the momentum going and not stop.  Anyway, that’s enough rambling for one day.

  1. Conina says:

    I understand the weirdness about the hip. I don’t have as many issues as you do, but if I sit in a certain position for long enough, when I go to get up and walk my hip will lock as well. Nothing works right and it hurts like the dickens. Usually I have to sit back down and prop the leg up until it fixes itself.

    Sorry about having to go off your meds for an extra day.

  2. lunaKM says:

    My dad has had both of his hips replaced. The first one he didn’t even have general anesthesia. He asked if he could watch. And he asked questions of the Doctors while they were cutting and hammering and replacing. Sounds uber creepy to me. The pain he told me the day after his surgery was half what it was before. Of course that could have been the morphine drip talking.

    He isn’t in the same league you are, but I know that if my dad can do it, you can too. It’s scary but I’m sure looking back you will be glad it was finally done.

  3. Duality says:

    See, I want to have my ass knocked out. They offered me an epidural for my knee replacement and said no thanks. I don’t want to hear “oops”. A lifetime can go by when you’re paralyzed from the waist down between the word oops and say “my shoe is untied”. Just knock me out and wake me up when its over.

    As for the pain aspect of it, I’ll do a post on that. Thanks for the idea!

  4. faerie says:

    I have a hip that chronically dislocates so I understand what your saying. Hope everything goes well for you.