I’ll Take It

Posted: 28th October 2011 by Duality in Scenes

Blowjobs come in all shapes and sizes.  They don’t all have to be intense sessions.  Don’t get me wrong, those are great and could be argued preferred… but there are other types.  I like to think of my cock as a mood ring.  I can tell what energy Gracie has by how she sucks on me.  It could be playful or gentle or teasing or worshipful or urgent.  I can use how she sucks my cock to gauge what she wants.  Its not how I always do it, but its a tool I use from time to time.  Tonight though, I was looking for a specific energy from her.  I didn’t get what I wanted, but I’m okay with that.

What I wanted was a nice, gentle suckling of my cock.  I find that incredibly relaxing.  I can, and have, fall asleep like that.  Its just so soothing and calm.  So what I did was tell Grace that during the commercial breaks to do just that.  Gently suck me.  There is a minor disagreement as to what happened next, but suffice it to say I didn’t get into a relaxed mood.  The opposite occurred.  What I felt was her tongue going across the slit on my cock over and over again.  I found it incredibly arousing despite trying to put myself into a calm state.  I was gently stroking her head as well as her back… but my cock had other plans.  So after some back and forth after the commercial break, I decided to escalate things.

Its not always easy for me to tell when Grace is fighting me for… theater I guess.  Hard for me to put that one into an exact word.  She likes to fight my control for the sole purpose of feeling me overpower her.  She loves that feeling.  Craves it even.  But its hard to tell when she wants that and when she’s having an anxiety attack.  So there’s a moment during the struggle where I will pull her all the way back so that she’s as far away from my cock as I can get her.  Now, I am in complete control of her still, but I’ve given her some room.  Then I say some variation of “You better safeword” or “Is this what you want?”.  What I’m doing is letting her know I’m about to fuck her face.  I’m telling her that from here forward, I’m going to assume her struggles are her telling me she wants me to force her to do this.  We have a nonverbal safeguard set up for times like this where she can tap my leg with her hand, but it can take her a little bit to get to that point if she’s having an attack.  So I try to get a good read on where she’s at mentally and emotionally before I dive into the main event.  When she wants me to fight her, her response to my question tends to be something like, “Why would I do that?”.  She’s taunting me which is my signal that this is exactly what she wants.  If she’s not doing well, she won’t respond immediately.  Sometimes she’ll safeword and other times, if she’s doing really poorly, she’ll say “I don’t know”.  I’ll bring everything to a crashing halt if that occurs.  But, honestly, nine times out of ten I get taunts as an answer.  I don’t remember exactly what her reply was tonight, but it left a clear signal to proceed as I wanted.

I’m not sure how I went from relaxed to being put up to 11 on the turn on meter, but that’s what happened.  My cock was so hard it could have hammered nails into a wall.  Seriously.  I just fucked her face and I fucked it hard.  It felt amazing.  And I got to hear my favorite sound Grace makes when I’m fucking her face too.  Its when she no longer is sucking my cock, she just has her mouth as wide open as she can make it and I fuck her throat.  She makes this grunty moaning sound that gets choppy due to my cock interrupting the air flow.  And the vibrations that cause are amazing.  Usually I’m a hard person to get off orally.  It can take awhile.  But this whole encounter was just so right, so very hot, so…everything… that I came fairly quickly.  I gave Gracie a couple of token orgasms along the way, more for my pleasure then hers.  I really do love those vibrations.

So, like I said, it wasn’t what I set out to get tonight….but I’ll take it.

  1. faerie says:

    Sounds lovely to me.

  2. Rogue Bambi says:

    Amazing. You sound like my Wonderboy, or how I imagine him to be, if he’d have a way with words. I love what you write and how you describe all the tentativeness and perceptiveness that go into good domming. I also love the way you show your appreciation and affection towards Gracie even in such a rough scene.

    I’m giddy – want to read all your older posts too!

  3. Duality says:

    At the end of the day, Gracie is the love of my life. Everything else is just different hats she puts on to accomplish different things. But the woman, underneath those hats, is all that ever matters to me.

  4. Rogue Bambi says:

    Yeah, that shows a lot in how you write. It wouldn’t work any other way, I think.