Wouldn’t Have Guessed That One

Posted: 27th October 2011 by Duality in warm fuzzies

Grace and I had just finished watching a TV show and she was starting to get up out of bed to go to her computer.  I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her into a very nice kiss.  I decided to end with cuteness rather then escalation as my right hip has been particularly nasty to me today and rubbed my nose against hers.  Now, if you gave me ten years to guess what my beautiful, loving wife said next I would not have been able to come up with it.  Just, no way.

“Eskimo kisses are on my fetish list.”

Best….part….of…my…day.  Easily.  God I love that woman.  Yesterday she randomly handed me a post-it note with the words, “You are to my smiles what prunes are to irregularity” and a picture of the sun on it.  I love many things about Gracie, but the fact that she can be just as irreverent and zany as I can be at times is probably the number one thing.  Sometimes, you just have to be goofy and weird.