Playful Fun

Posted: 25th October 2011 by Duality in Dynamics, Scenes

I haven’t been in a very playful mood of late.  Sexually speaking here.  Oh, I’m playful with Grace on a day to day basis.  Its just when it comes to sex I’ve had to be pretty focused in what I’m doing because if I’m not, chances are I’m going to goof something up.  And by goof up, I mean hurt myself.  Nothing makes my cock go soft quite like searing pain shooting through my body.  Go figure.  Tonight though, the stars just sort of aligned and I had some fun.

One of my favorite ways to be playful with sex is to watch shows with Grace and tease her during the commercial breaks.  Sometimes its long kisses where I bite her lip (she melts when I do that) and sometimes I decide to play with her breasts.  Usually what I do with the breasts is twist the nipple.  I can spend a couple of hours doing that.  Just tormenting her during commercials then focusing back on the show.  Sort of a big build up, slow come down then build back up again with the coming down never quite trending far enough down to cool off all the way.  So its a jerky kind of build to sexual tension and tends to frustrate the Hell out of Grace.  On the one hand she wants to watch the show.  On the other hand, what I’m doing to her is very nice.  I enjoy balancing the two.  Sometimes she’ll tease back which tends to throw the show watching out the window.  Teasing is my category, after all, and we can’t have her doing that to me now can we?

Tonight, though, I was in a weird headspace.  I’ve been reading a lot of stories about breast torture of late and decided to amp things up for Grace.  What I did was I started slapping her breast through her shirt and bra.  The bra was a fairly heavy duty type so it offered some protection to her, which I was okay with.  I like challenges.  I also adore my wife’s breasts.  Love them.  Mmmm boobies….  What were we talking about?  Oh yeah.  Anyway, all through the commercials of us watching Fringe I would turn over in bed and start slapping her breasts.  At first they were just general locations.  I even went out of my way to avoid the nipple.  I wanted this to last.  By the fourth commercial break I was raining down slaps directly at her nipple and was having to hold her hand out of the way.  Once she curled up to get away from the slaps and I yanked her back by her hair, inhaled through my noise next to her hair, and explained to her that that behavior was not to be tolerated.  I love throwing on that cruel, but amused voice.  Its just fun.  Towards the end of the show I had her remove her shirt and bra.  At first I sucked on the nipple for a change of pace.  I knew it was going to be sensitive so I played that up for a bit.  Ever so often I’d bite, just to keep the pain around.  Then I would lazily trace my finger around her nipple with an occasional twist.

When the show ended I had her strip the rest of the way and I did the same.  I had her lay on her side next to me with one arm under me and her legs straddling one of my legs.  She incorrectly thought I wanted to snuggle for a moment.  No, I was just getting started.  I pulled her head back by her hair until I had better access to her breasts then grabbed her other arm and held it behind her.  With my free hand, I began to slap her now unprotected, and already quite sensitive breast, with rapid and hard slaps.  I whispered into her ear for her to hump me like a bitch in heat and that if I didn’t think she was doing a good enough job I’d make the slaps worse.  And that’s how we stayed for a bit with me raining those slaps down and her going further and further into the headspace that she goes to when I really pour it on.  I paused the slapping… probably 3 times or so to whisper “Cum” in her ear and enjoy her spasms against my body.  I’d start the slaps back up again almost immediately.  Eventually she got to the point where she’s almost not here anymore with how far into subspace as she goes and she’s just flailing wildly against me with a distant look in her eyes.  That’s when I know to build up for the finale.  So I rained down slaps even harder and faster while weathering her attempting to break free of me building up the energy until she is gasping and then… then I give her the most harshest, cruel voice I can muster and loudly say “Cum” in her ear.  Boom, big orgasm and her gasping for air.

Just as a quick aside, when that works as well as it did, that is one of the best moments of being a Dom.  I love the control it takes.  I love how much goes into that one moment.  How it builds and builds and builds until it almost will burst on its own if you don’t do it yourself.  I love watching and waiting for that moment to release all that built up energy that I’ve been creating by doing all the things that I did to Grace.  Even if I don’t orgasm myself, I find that moment I just described as satisfying in and of itself.

Tonight though, I wanted an orgasm.  Call me crazy, but watching all of that got me pretty worked up.  Now, I know Gracie is fried so I can’t just continue the scene and let it flow naturally into focusing on me.  She’s almost removed from the scene at this point due to the amount of energy that got released.  So I gently stroke her hair and whisper into her ear that I’m going to count to five.  It takes her two of those five seconds to figure out what I mean and by five she’s shifted mentally enough to be in a better mental and emotional position.  So I grab her by her hair and shove her down towards my cock.  I tell her to show me how much she appreciates what I just did for her.  I tell her that I don’t care if she cums or not because now I’m just using her.  Telling her this does two things.  One, its a turn on for her.  She loves the thought of being used by me.  The second thing it does is tell her that she doesn’t need to wait for me to tell her to cum.  She can cum whenever she wants to now.

Gracie, apparently, was very appreciative to my efforts because she attacked my cock with reckless abandoned.  She got really into it, moaning and working herself into another couple of orgasms.  I love it when she cums with her mouth around my cock.  The vibrations are amazing.  Sometimes when we get to this point things can have a letdown due to the fact that if I’ve done a lot of moving around prior to this then I’m in more pain and its harder to cum.  Not tonight.  It all just worked so well.  It was as close to how things are supposed to be between us then we’ve had in awhile.  Most of that is on me with my hip.  The fact that it worked today after not being able to put any weight on my right hip for over half of the day is amazing to me.  I’m hoping for many more days like this one once I have at least one functioning hip.  It was just… nice.

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