Sound As An Implement

Posted: 22nd October 2011 by Duality in Dynamics

Today’s MBS Brunch, hosted by Hermoine, is about whether or not sound is a factor for using implements for spanking.  I figured I’d elaborate more on my response where I point out that sound, in and of itself, can be the point to a spanking.  Grace was brought up in a very conservative and religious home that caused many of her sexual feelings to be heavily repressed.  She’s become better acquainted with her inner nympho, but broadcasting that fact is still terrifying to her.  Of course, in that fear lies adrenaline which can feed a sexual high.  So sometimes, when the mood is right, I spank her not to cause pain but for the sound effect that comes from spanking.

What I tend to do in these circumstances is cup my hand when I spank her.  There is still a level of pain going on, but most of it is being blunted by the shape of my hand.  However, because of that shape the spanks make an incredibly loud *WHACK* sound when it meets her ass.  Its fun to watch her blush when I do this.  I love how embarrassed she gets and I absolutely adore the fact that she desperately wants to tell me to stop or be quieter but can’t.  I can tell when she wants to say something by the way she bites her lip.  It really is quite cute.

The belt is another tool for this purpose.  Belts are just loud and menacing regardless as to how hard you hit with them.  There’s just something primal about having a male dominant figure in your life holding a belt and about to punish you with it, especially if your parents didn’t believe in all that “go sit in a corner and think about what you did wrong” stuff.  It takes you back to those moments and make you feel small.  It makes you feel like you’ve done something terribly wrong and are about to receive the fitting punishment for that guilt.

Spanking isn’t all about pain.  And, honestly, I’m happy its not.  There’s just so many different ways you can approach spankings that it continually keeps those encounters fresh.  It can punish, it can reward, it can be used to maintain, humiliate, refocus or get their attention, and probably many other scenarios as well.  Spanking has its own language and emotion.  Trust me, if you have some hurt feelings towards someone the process of spanking them will make this feelings come out of hiding.  And that goes both ways.  Spanking really is the universal language.