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Holding Pattern

Posted: 31st October 2011 by Duality in What's Happening

Just an update post.  A week from now I’ll be having the operation.  There’s a lot to get done between now and then.  One thing that isn’t going to get done is Grace’s collar.  There’s just too much going on that is disrupting the tasks I give her each day and not enough focus on [...]

Stupid Orthodontist

Posted: 30th October 2011 by Duality in History

I had braces when I was a teenager.  I don’t have any clumsy tales of braces to share, honestly I only wore them for about a year and the time went by fairly uneventfully.  That is, until I went to get the braces off.  I sat down in the chair as he grabbed a glorified [...]

Pain Is Relative

Posted: 29th October 2011 by Duality in Pain

We are all wired differently.  Its why some people think bleu cheese is tasty and people like me think its one of the more vile concoctions God ever allowed  to be created on Earth.  When you get right down to it, pain is the same way.  Everyone feels pain differently.  Grace can get off on it.  I [...]

Ten Days

Posted: 28th October 2011 by Duality in What's Happening

Ten days from now, I get my hip replaced.  Due to my apparently inability to count to ten properly, I thought that benchmark was yesterday.  Normally that wouldn’t be that big of a deal, except that I have to stop taking my anti-inflammatory medicine ten days before the operation.  So I could have taken them [...]

I’ll Take It

Posted: 28th October 2011 by Duality in Scenes

Blowjobs come in all shapes and sizes.  They don’t all have to be intense sessions.  Don’t get me wrong, those are great and could be argued preferred… but there are other types.  I like to think of my cock as a mood ring.  I can tell what energy Gracie has by how she sucks on [...]

Wouldn’t Have Guessed That One

Posted: 27th October 2011 by Duality in warm fuzzies

Grace and I had just finished watching a TV show and she was starting to get up out of bed to go to her computer.  I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her into a very nice kiss.  I decided to end with cuteness rather then escalation as my right hip has been particularly [...]


Posted: 26th October 2011 by Duality in History

Grace decided to mention that I have not had good luck with redheads and I suppose that should be explained.  I’ve dated three redheads.  The first turned out to be mildly creepy.  Just so mannerisms like putting a diaper on a dog and treating it like a baby.  Needless to say we stopped dating at [...]

Playful Fun

Posted: 25th October 2011 by Duality in Dynamics, Scenes

I haven’t been in a very playful mood of late.  Sexually speaking here.  Oh, I’m playful with Grace on a day to day basis.  Its just when it comes to sex I’ve had to be pretty focused in what I’m doing because if I’m not, chances are I’m going to goof something up.  And by [...]

Cute, But Still Wrong

Posted: 24th October 2011 by Duality in What's Happening

Grace has tasks to do each day.  For a super quick review, each task she does gives her a string and when she doesn’t do a task she loses five strings.  She can trade them for things including her collar.  On Sunday’s I give her an off day.  Sort of.  She still has three tasks, [...]

Sound As An Implement

Posted: 22nd October 2011 by Duality in Dynamics

Today’s MBS Brunch, hosted by Hermoine, is about whether or not sound is a factor for using implements for spanking.  I figured I’d elaborate more on my response where I point out that sound, in and of itself, can be the point to a spanking.