Stupid Doms

Posted: 24th September 2011 by Duality in Pain

So I’ve been dealing with an inflammation breakout the past couple of days.  Just a lot of body parts telling me, “Nope, not happening” in painful, painful ways.  As I have explained before, my body is my own Dom.  And its a sadist.  I get zero pleasure from it and I believe it prefers it that way.  I told Grace I would share this little tidbit that happened the other day with my body, so here goes.  My back had been brutal with me yesterday.  Just brutal.  It was spasming a lot.  In a rare moment in the day when it was behaving I wandered out to the kitchen to make something to eat.  While waiting for the microwave to finish cooking my food, I glanced around the kitchen and thought to myself, “You know, I could probably do some dishes”.  The thinking being I was feeling okay at that moment, and I could get away with it.  My Dom, speaking through my back, had other thoughts.

Dom (after brief back spasm):  I KNOW you aren’t thinking about doing dishes.

Me:  Well…um… I thought maybe…

Dom (spasm) No.  I don’t think you are thinking.  What are you supposed to be doing?

Me: Um… laying down?

Dom: That’s right.  You be a good little bitch and go lay down before I remind you just how much of my bitch you really are.

Me:  Yes Sir.

See, though my back didn’t actually say anything, I have had the above conversation with Grace before.  Probably several times.  She attempts to have them with me from time to time…they never do any good.  I’m an idiot like that at times.  Anyway, I know what these conversations look like.  And what happened in the kitchen?  That’s what it looked like.  Me having a bad thought, my body shut it down fast, and me scurrying back to where I’m supposed to be as quickly as I am allowed.

Stupid Doms.  Amirite?