Weight Issues

Posted: 23rd September 2011 by Duality in Bargaining, Dynamics

Grace and I are not in the best of physical fitness.  Its something we work on and then (insert excuse here) happens and, well, who can deal with that?  Our last attempt at it actually went really well.  We were hitting the pool at the club we are a member at, losing weight, and getting in better shape.  I’m the one who killed that attempt though.  In fairness, its not entirely my fault… though I’m not going to excuse it away completely.  I had a routine set up by a physical therapist to exercise in the water.  I can’t really do laps save swimming on my back.  My asthma throws an absolute temper tantrum if I try to swim like everyone else does.  So I work with the buoyancy dumbbells and would do walking laps with some aerobic stuff like swimming laps on my back or just swimming in place.  The problem hit when my hips started to protest louder and louder at me every time I went.  I’d lay off of them for a bit, then go back at it.  Finally they got so aggravated I could hardly walk anymore.  So I just decided to quit going for a bit to give my hips time to calm down.  They never did.

I waited 2 months before seeing the doctor about it who sent me to the specialist.  My hope was for some sort of quick, outpatient, clean up type operation to eek out a little more time on the hips.  As you know by now, that wasn’t meant to be.  There’s nothing left down there to clean up.  So here I sit, regaining all the weight I had worked so hard to get rid of.  Its incredibly frustrating to me because I had actually gone down 50 pounds when I stopped.  That’s within 20 pounds of where I was in high school.  That just kills me.  Grace would swim laps while I did my routine and had gotten pretty good at it and was also losing weight.  But when I stopped, she stopped.  Her anxiety issues just weren’t letting her go on her own.  She tried a couple of times, but in the end she quit too.

So starting next month, I’m putting us both on a diet.  I’m going to plan it all out and use the Slim Fast diet as the baseline to build on.  One diet is as good as the next so long as you keep the calories down and what calories you do have are the right calories.  Plenty of vitamins, vegetables, and the right carbohydrates.  I’m coming at it from a Dom perspective this time and I really think its going to be the difference maker.  Before we would try to tailor our own diets based on what we liked and when one of us broke down, the other wasn’t far behind.  Either Grace would have a particularly nasty PMS episode and we got to the point of it being chocolate or my life, or I had a nasty pain episode and got into my starch craving mode.  So I’ll plan for those eventualities in what I’m doing.  There will be chocolate, just not pan of cookies that get eaten soon after they are made.  There will be starches, but it won’t be a giant order of fries or a big bowl of potato salad.  And with the Dom/sub aspect of it active she isn’t going to want to go against my word and I’m not going to want to break the rules because I need to be above that when I’m in that mode.  When I’m Domming, my resolve is just much stronger then when I’m in ordinary Joe mode.

It will be tough keeping a diet under budget.  Eating right is always so expensive, but I think its very doable and will pay big dividends for the both of us.  And I’d like to lose a little of this weight before the operation just because it will make things that much easier on me afterwards.  So, we’ll see.