Daddy time

Posted: 26th August 2011 by Duality in Dynamics

Grace and I have a bit of an arrangement when it comes to Daddy time.  If its something I want to do I just say the word, “Baby” to her.  Nothing else.  Its a bit of a switch that flips on that part of her.  She will strip, crawl into bed, and either snuggle up with me or immediately start suckling on my cock.  It really depends on what she’s feeling at the time.  Daddy time is very low energy.  There’s no fighting or struggling on her part.  The dynamic changes almost 180 degrees.  When she’s the bratty sub everything I ask her to do is a fight.  When she’s my baby girl though, she literally will do anything I tell her.  Anything.  I have to be careful in that mode because if I tell her to do something for the sole purpose of pushing her to see her reaction, chances are she will move to do said act rather then go through the thought process of what doing the act would mean.  Like say giving me a rim job.  Where I would want to see her reaction to it, she would move to do it just to please me and make me happy.  That’s her center of focus in that role.

Humiliation comes out quite a bit in her baby girl persona too.  Especially when it comes to real punishment.  She confided in me recently that she has been thinking about a particular punishment I can do to her should she mess up with something.  She would want me to strip her down to just her panties and have her stand in the bathtub.  Then, with me watching, have her urinate so that she would be wetting herself.  Water sports really is a firm punishment area for us.  Neither of us really get off on it.  It has its place, though, on a minimal level for these punishment situations.  So her thought process that brought her to that fantasy makes sense to me.  But it also goes with her desire to be humiliated during this type of play time.  The back and forth conversations we have when we are in these roles tend to either revolve around either assuring her that she is a good girl or telling her how naughty she’s being.  I do Daddy time when I’m not really doing well.  So… there’s been more Daddy time than normal of late.  But it really is a dynamic that I enjoy.