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Note on Grace’s reward

Posted: 24th August 2011 by Duality in History, warm fuzzies

In Grace’s post today she refers to me giving her a “Get out of trouble free” card.  I figure I should briefly cover that.

The day I metaphorically died

Posted: 24th August 2011 by Duality in History

I go September 15th to talk to the surgeon about setting up my hip replacements.  I’m hoping to get both hips at the same time.  From everything I’ve read that won’t be anywhere near as difficult as having both knees done at the same time.  And as I’ve already knocked that particular operation out, one [...]

Here’s the deal…

Posted: 24th August 2011 by Duality in Bargaining

Okay body, here’s my offer.  You let me do the heavy lifting today of moving two queen size beds and assorted other bedroom furniture and tomorrow I’ll lay in bed in agony.   What’s that?  Oh.  Until you say so?  Well, I do need to move these things.  Fine.  I’ll take your crappy deal and be [...]