Real Punishment

Posted: 20th August 2011 by Duality in History, Pain, Scenes

When you’re dealing with a sub you have “punishment” and Punishment.  The “punishment” usually gets the sub off and is part of a scene.  Its that daily need a sub like Grace feels to have her body punished in some way.  That type is enjoyable.  But Punishment with the capital “P” is something all together different.  Grace got a parking ticket a few weeks back.  She had driven her dad to a doctor’s appointment and got ticketed for parking in a handicap spot without a tag.  Now, we have that tag you hang from the rear view mirror so one of two things happened.  One, Grace forgot to hang it up.  Or two, the rent-a-joke cop that patrols the hospital grounds reported the car as being illegally parked when it wasn’t.  Quite honestly the incident didn’t bother me too much.  Chances are it was the rent-a-joke and if it wasn’t, it was an honest mistake that can be fixed.  Grace felt differently.

She came to me and requested a punishment.  She felt on a very core level very badly about this and needed something to balance the scales so to speak.  Understand that when I say she needed this, I’m not talking about coming to me and saying something like, “It would be nice if you could do this for me”.  I’m talking NEED.  As in she isn’t going to be able to function very well until she got said punishment.  Her specific request was for a punishment that would make sure she would never forget to put the handicap tag up again.

These types of scenes are pretty harsh for everyone involved.  They aren’t fun.  And they take a tremendous amount of thought before you can begin.  In this case I rushed a little because I knew how much she was hurting over this.  How I handled it was sort of reviewing things that we dabbled in that had repulsed her while also looking up articles online for advice or inspiration.  I had a good idea of what I wanted to do, I just needed to make sure it was right and that I turned it up to the correct intensity level.

The punishment I came up with was this:  First I had her strip down to nothing, grab a few towels that needed to be washed, and kneel in the bathtub on the towels.  I needed to build fear in her.  And kneeling in the bathtub like that for about 20 minutes was a good start.  The towels were a kindness.  Kneeling on a surface like a bathtub is hard on the knees and, seeing as I had both of mine replaced, I tend to treat knees with kindness when possible.  After I felt I had left her in there long enough I got up and got a glass from the kitchen.  Then I walked in and talked to her a bit.  Sternly.  I emphasized why she was being punished and the fact that should she make the same mistake ever again that this would be a mere taste of what she could expect.  Then I pissed into the cup and poured it over her head.  Once it was empty I had her clean my cock with her mouth.  I then instructed her to wash the towels and to take a shower.  She was to use only cold water for the shower.  No hot water at all.  A pure cold shower to get the piss out of her hair.  She was then to wash the cup and to prove to me it was clean by drinking something out of it.  And that was the end of the scene.

There was no sex afterwards.  That would defeat the purpose.  You don’t want to attach a positive at the end of something that is supposed to be solely negative.  And it wasn’t what she needed.  She needed to feel degraded.  She needed to have something attached to her mistake that showed that she was punished for it and could move on from it knowing that if she ever screwed up in that fashion again that an even harsher punishment awaited her.  There is no thrill attached to that thought.  Only dread.  Washing piss out of your hair with frigid water (we get our water from a well which tends to make it extra cold) is not a pleasant experience.

But the bottom line is she absolutely needed this.  And by coming to me and communicating this need it gave me better insight for the future.  If she felt she messed up badly in the future, I’m now better equipped to handle her needs without her having to communicate them to me.  Fault is much less important to her then blame.  And there is a difference.  If she blames herself, then she needs to be punished.  Even if her reasoning is wrong she still needs to be punished if for no other reason then to punish her for thinking that way.  Fortunately this isn’t something that comes up a lot.  Or at least it better not.