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Always a price…

Posted: 16th August 2011 by Duality in Bargaining, Dynamics, Scenes

There exists within Grace, who I’m going to guess most of you know is my wife and if not… well you know now, a soft barrier that she erects that is there to prevent her from doing something kinky.  For the sake of this, lets go with sucking on my cock after I have fucked [...]

My Duality

Posted: 16th August 2011 by Duality in History, Pain

For a submissive, subspace is something akin to Nirvana.  That mystical sweet spot you hit where the pain just becomes white noise and you are able to float in space for a bit reveling in the sheer eroticism of the moment.  Being put there by someone else that you trust can be a loving, wonderful experience [...]